What the Fuck Wednesday

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

If you don't already read Tangobaby, you should. She cracks my shit up!

She introduced me to the Election Campaign Button Maker, and I think you should need to know about it too.
I have applied for a position (as Secretary of What the Fuck) in her cabinet for the 2012 election, and I think that each of you should consider it too. We need good people like you to run this country. See her post here for all of the details.


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You are going to be amazing in your role. How much will you need for your wardrobe allowance? I'm working on the budget.


you are indeed inspired!!! i totally love it!!! these cabinet dreams are going to be GREAT!!!

that was supposed to be MEETINGS, why did i type dreams? some freudian slip...

julochka, you said DREAMS because I asked Amanda how much she needed for her wardrobe allowance and then that triggered a memory of our shared DREAM MALL that we both shop at while we sleep.

See, you're not crazy!