Please, Please Help

Monday, October 13, 2008

I am begging you, all of you design bloggers (and anyone else who has connections) out there for your help.

Several (by several I mean like 7) years ago I ordered tile from Home Depot Expo in Kansas City. Of course, that store is no longer there, and the people in the St. Louis store can't seem to help me either. Also of course, I want/need more of said tile.

I am looking for tile made by Floor Gres Ceramiche. When googling Floor Gres, I come up with their Italian site, but am not able to come up with any local (read USA) distributors. It is a simple beige 8 X 8 and 4 X 4 ceramic tile. We have used it on our kitchen counter tops as well as in the 1/2 bath. Now I want to use it in the other bathrooms as well.

Do any of you know of a distributor, or of a distributor who might be willing to look into things for me?

I would be eternally grateful. It seems that Todd doesn't understand my need for matching the tile we already own. He can't understand why I can't just find something "similar." I don't want to remind him that it took me 2 years to find THAT tile, and looking for something similar isn't an option!

If I need to, I will call Italy direct and ask them, but I thought maybe all of you pretties might know something.


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We don't have a rep at work but came up with these websites, which I imagine you've already discovered:

Good luck!

I work for a tile distributor in New York. We represent the Floorgres manufacture. Feel free to email the details at and I will see if I can find you the tile.

Try Googling 'FLOOR GRES Sales'. The company has it's Itialian phone number and English speaking staff. The Floor Gres site also has language options for English. I found 6 distributers in the first two pages.