Molly the Photographer

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

At the school's fun night this year, little Molly won herself a digital camera. She has been begging for one for a while now, and I was too cheap to buy her one for fear she would lose it. How lucky for her that she won one! How lucky for me that if she loses it I won't be out anything.

With her new camera, I have discovered just how good a photographer she really is. She is no Ansel Adams, but she really does a nice job. Here are a few of her photos:


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How sweet! Love the caterpillar pic.

Us Molly's are waaaaay creative see : )

very cool! and i love the camera on top! but i'm thinkin' that's analog. (that dropped G was for SP). :-) my mood is improving, can you tell?