The New Webster's

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I have been noticing lately that those letters you have to type in on blog comments are looking more and more like they should be words. For a long time they were purely nonsensical letters, with mostly q and y and x, with a number thrown in here and there. Now however, they are looking to me like they have meaning.

Here are a few examples from recent comments that I had my employees come up with definitions for:

S U B S T I C: that lipstick rolling around in the bottom of your purse you save only for use when your regular one has gone missing.

M E T A L L I T: The web-like skin between one's fingers

D E R B A: The part of your vertebrae that controls your ability to stutter.

I N E S S: The point in which a tributary meets a main river channel (this was Todd's)

Z K H U U: when a singer's pose on the stage makes them look like they are constipated

Hope you have enjoyed your lesson today. I'd love to hear your definitions for these or any other "words" you have encountered when you comment!


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All good ones--my fave was substic. LOL, baby!

i've totally noticed that too!!

Lol, I just got 'fulabi' which is, I think, how I was feeling last week. Just a little phooey, and a little lame... oh and a bit flabby.
: )

Absolutely HYSTERICAL! I love that you pointed this out, because lately I have been looking at some of these "words" myself!

I've been thinking long and hard about this one (*THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID! HA!*)...

Tridied - Someone who has a head of hair died three different colors.