Dag Nabbit...

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So, my hubby and I went to Target on Sunday to purchase the tv that George Bush has so generously paid for, and while we are waiting to check out (actually while waiting for them to bring the ginormous box the the front) I decide to pick up a few mags for my work trip to SE GA this week. I perused for a while and selected Real Simple and Domino.

You see, I decided to not subscribe to any magazines this year...yes, I let them all expire. I ignored all of the FINAL NOTICEs, SPECIAL OFFERs and LAST CHANCEs. I know that seems impossible but I am doing this little "try to be more conservative" thing with my life and somehow that translated to not subscribing to mags but to just buy them if I felt like reading them.

Anyhoo...I had these magazines all ready to go, and I even resisted opening them up or flipping thru them for 2 days until I left for my trip at 4:30am this morning. And what happened????


So, I had to buy crappy People Magazine (hereafter known as The Life of Britney Spears (TLOBS)) at the airport to get me by. Crap! That sucks!

Thanks George! What are you buying with George's money?

2 of my favorite things!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

I love both mannequins and card catalogs. If I could convince my husband of the necessity of this setup for my home, I would snatch everything up in a minute.

(thanks to decor8 for the photo!)

What the Fuck

OK, here is something I saw in a magazine, and I just don't get it!
It is an Essence of Beauty Soy Lotion Candle. So, you burn the candle for a while, then blow it out and rub the vitamin E-rich wax on your body. I am not sure this is right...
Run on out to CVS and get yourselves one and let me know how it works. We don't have CVS here in my neck of the woods! (thank god!)


Friday, February 15, 2008

If you've never ventured to purl's website, you should do so right now! I think they are some of the best marketers around. I know they are mostly a yarn site, but they have some of the most fab fabrics too. Here are few:

Now, I know absolutely nothing about sewing, but I could think of quite a few things the seamstress here in the middle of nowhere could make out of them...
Take a look at Purl and enjoy!

I heart Sephora

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I just got this new catalog in the mail today and I am totally in love. I love Sephora for a multitude of reasons...some of which are:

  • The thought of trying on all of those cosmetics in one place makes my heart pitter patter. (Don't get me wrong, I am no thick makeup kind of girl, I just started wearing eyeshadow this year.) However, this thought also repulses me when I think of all of the scum of the earth that have been trying on the same things merely minutes before I did.

  • The Smells. There is something about the scent of a lot of products in the same place that I love.

  • The names (I have never heard of, or only read about in mags). Since I live in the middle of nowhere, I only get to visit an actual Sephora when I travel to more metropolitan places. I have even been known to schedule an earlier flight on a work trip just so I can go to the local Sehpora.

  • And finally, the design, I mean, just to look at some of the design of these things makes me want to buy them. Here's what I would buy from my local Sephora if I had one near, and if I wasn't trying to be better about my spending, and if I had $1 million dollars and more than 20 minutes to shower and get out the door every morning:

Look at that Tarte lip stuff...that clear gloss somehow magically surrounding the colored product. Do you think it would get all mixed up when my 6 year old decided to squirt it all over?

That Laura Mercier "violet eye color quad"eye shadow is the bomb! I love the reverse embossed violet so much, I might not ever actually use the shadow, just look at it.

I know it is hard to get a good look at the Urban Decay Loose Pigments, but click here and see for yourself how sweet they are. Be sure to scroll down to have a look at all of the color options available. I might need 2 or 10 of them.

Finally, The Laura Geller baked marble eyeshadow is the shedizzle. Again, who would want to actually use that stuff? It looks so good, I kinda want to lick it!

Thanks to Scented Glossy Magazines for bringing on my virtual shoping spree...we all need a few more cosmetics, don't you think?

ps, if you only buy one thing this week, make it the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I don't know what is in this stuff (nor do I want to, I don't think) but it is amazing. It really does keep your shadow on all day long. I never knew stuff like this existed until November. I bought it on impulse, and accidentally lost my first tube, and on said early flight trip, I went back and bought more. For $16, you can easily get that into the "grocery" category of your budget.

Country Music on my ipod???

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am here to admit to you and all of the world that I have just finished creating a counrty music playlist on my ipod. I know, you can't even believe I would admit to something like that, but there it is! I feel better!

Now, I do a fair bit of travel by auto, and I like to listen to a variety of things while in my car. My favorite thing is a book-on-tape. About 3/4 of the time you can find me listening to something in my car that either I just can't get myself to read in print, or I am too embarassed to admit to the public that I am reading.

The other 1/4 of the time, I am listening to the radio. Yes, I do have a CD player in my car, but I've never been one to listen to whole entire CDs. AS much as I might love a certain artist, I usually only like 1 or 2 songs on the whole CD, so it is stupid for me to buy a whole CD.

I love to listen to NPR as I travel, but that often times proves difficult as my 6 and 7 year olds are always talking to me, or asking me to explain what they are talking about on the radio, and I can't concentrate, and that pisses me off, so I usually reserve that for alone time in the car.

I have a fondness in my heart for top-40 music as well. As a 30-something, I feel a need to keep up with what is going on in the world, and I think pop music often reflects what is happening "on the scene." I have many top-40 playlists on my ipod, and love them. I especialy love those that have "explicit" lyrics. For some reason hearing someone "sing" the word fuck puts a smile on my face and makes my run a little bit better.

So, here we get to the country part. You know, when you are in the car and there is just nothing good on the radio? That's when I usually turn to the country stations. In my neck of the woods, there are many, many country stations to choose from, so it is not usually a problem to tune one in. I have just recently realized something about country music: It is funny. Now, I know the old cliche' about drinking and breaking up is the typical theme in counrty music, but some of the songs out now are downright funny. I implore you to take a spin on the dial and listen for: Some Beach (a play on the son-of-a-bitch/sonbeech comment), or how about Shift Work (which is sung to make you believe he is going to say shit work)? I mean these guys are pretty funny.

So, I admit that I compiled a whole playlist of my favorite country songs of the moment. As much as I like to run, I usually want it to be over quickly, so a little country music that makes me smile and forget about the pain in my hammies for a few minutes can't be all bad, can it?