a month of sundays

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tallin, Estonia September 2011

A pretty special thing has happened recently.  Every Sunday morning for the past 4 weeks I have gone on a long, long walk with a favorite sister-friend.  It started when another sister-friend was in the hospital, and we walked to visit her.  Unfortunately she was still in the hospital the next Sunday, so we walked again.  Each time, we interrupted her listening to our church service on the radio.  But that was ok.  The 3 of us being together like that after a brisk walk was just as meaningful to all of us.

The third week, neither of us had much going on, so we decided to walk again.  It was really cold and windy that day, so we caught a ride to the north part of town and "walked in."  This past week, we decided that we were in the habit now, so why not walk again?  We drove to some random, other-side-of-town part of town and started walking.

Our walks usually start with the general complaints from the week: jobs, family, etc.  Then we move on to catching up on friends we have spoken with, and concerns we might know about.  Sometimes we start to talk "about" someone, but we quickly stop each other.  A lot of times we dream.  We encourage, we smile, we laugh, and we sympathize.  Mostly, we draw strength from each other.  We sometimes walk in silence...simply enjoying our friendship...and the silence of the morning.

I know that not always will we be able to enjoy these Sundays together.  Children will grow, jobs will change, parents will age, and hopefully...dreams will come true.  But I will always look back on this month of Sundays with love;  the joy of a friendship discovered in the middle of my life. 

A sisterhood friendship:  it doesn't get any better than that, especially for someone who only has a brother.

tonight is the night...

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Although it is 6:30pm and I am still at the office, tonight is the night:

::I will make Rachel Ray's sausage rolls for dinner.  All of the ingredients are already in the fridge
::I will download photos from my camera to my computer and then to my external hard drive
::I will NOT do work from home.


this monday morning

Monday, June 27, 2011

::  i was up at 5am to get to my flight.  the wind was blowing so hard at home, branches were scratching the windows.  that kind of weather just makes me want to get BACK into bed.

::  a long layover in chicago is made much better by a great chair in the admiral's lounge.  i heart my amex platinum.

::  this poison ivy is killing me.  i look like a leper and folks at the airport are staring at me.  i think torture by itching could be the cruelest punishment.  i hope the steroids they have pumped me full of start to help soon.

::  progress is coming on the shed/cabin out at the farm (thus the poison ivy).  i have had such a great time working with my dad.  i hope the finished product is as fun as the preparation has been.

::  we're getting bees at the farm one of these days...and a windmill to pump water from a well too.

::  i have been taking a lot of photos lately.  it's sometimes a daunting task to get them from my camera into my computer.

::  GA here i come!

happy [memorial day] weekend

Friday, May 27, 2011

We're planning on doing a lot of this for the next few days...how about you?

Guest Post...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I did a guest post about Design Mom (aka Gabrielle Blair) on another blog...
I'd love it if you went there to read it!  Look out, it could be a prickly one!

If nothing else...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

...always remember that the red bud tree loves you...

On the Edge

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I'm on the edge. 
It is the edge of a chasm.
There has been a cloud over me lately.
A funk if you will.

Because I am recognizing it, I know I haven't fallen into the valley of depression yet.
I take my medicine faithfully every day.
I am hanging on by my fingernails.

There is so much joy in my life.
I wonder what at times it seems to be just beyond my reach.
I can smell it, but can't find it.

Something big is about to happen in my life.
It is like fruit ripening.
It happens in it's own time.
The wondering is killing me.
The waiting is killing me.

It will come, I know it will.
I don't know what it will be.
I don't know when it will be.

But all will be good again...soon.

photo workshop

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wow...long time!

Here are a few edited shots from this past weekend...
they all have a theme, and will be used for something special.  I'll show you that part when it's done!

There's something about Molly

Friday, March 4, 2011

Gosh, I love that girl of mine, Molly.  She is so vivacious, has a mind of her own and cracks me up...lots.  Recently 2 things have happened that I mustn't forget. 
When Todd is out of town I always let the kids sleep in bed with me.  They take turns.  Todd doesn't know this, and we'd like to keep it that way. 

Molly working on her 2011 Valentines

1.  Last week when Todd was in New Orleans all week, and on one of Molly's nights to sleep with me, I was dozing off to sleep while she was still wide awake watching TV.  Just as I was about to fall asleep, she says "what is sex?"  My eyes shot open, and my breathing got quick.  I didn't move a muscle.  I did everything I could to pretend I was already asleep.  I must have been convincing 'cause she never said another thing.  See, I just couldn't deal with that at 10 o'clock at night without Todd there for back-up...missed it by that much...!

2.  This morning, again while Todd was out of town, this time in Iowa, I was letting Molly sleep-in (and I was too!) 'cause there wasn't school, and she was farting in her sleep!  Big, loud, man farts.  I was cracking up, and kept thinking she was awake and going to look over at me and smile after one of them, but she never did.  She was truly farting in her sleep.

Oh that kid, man I love her!


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Peacock Velour Olga Pants

I bought a navy blue velour sweat suit over lunch for my weekend at the lodge with the girls. 
It was the most comfortable thing I could think of.
Does this mean I am old?

training week 3 in review

Friday, February 4, 2011

Monday: Ran 2 miles to the Y, lifted, and then ran 2 miles home...with Carson!
Tuesday: 3 mile run outside with the girls
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 3 mile run outside by myself...left from Oxbow Park for a change of scenery
Friday: 5.5 mile run outside (68 degrees!)
Saturday: rest (swim meet)
Sunday: rest (swim meet)

The best this week
Either running home from the Y with Carson, OR the beautiful day we had on Friday

The worst this week
Really nothing!

training week 2 in review

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday - Stretch and strength with Hope
Tuesday - 3 mile run the the girls outside
Wednesday - 5 X 400s on the treadmill at the Y, again I enjoyed this one!
Thursday - 3 mile run outside with Cara and Susan
Friday - Strength and 3 miles of laps at the Y with Hope.
Saturday - rest day
Sunday - I.just.couldn't.get.off.the.couch

The worst this week
This week was great until Friday.  Leaving the hardest workout until the end of the week was really hard.  By the time I got home Friday nite, I was physically exhausted.  The only saving grace was that Saturday was a planned rest day.

The best this week
We had planned our group run for Sunday afternoon due to basketball schedules, but none of us could face going out into the cold in the afternoon, me included.  At least I wasn't the only one who ditched the run!  Some days you just need a day off!

training week in review

Saturday, January 15, 2011

I am again training for the OKC 1/2 Marathon.  It is May 1 this year.  I'm going to recap my training weeks here as a way to review my progress and to force myself to find the best thing in my training each week...

Monday:  1/2 hour strength and stretch with trainer, Hope
Tuesday:  3-mile treadmill run (10 minute miles)
Wednesday:  1 hour full body strength and 3-miles of laps with Hope
Thursday:  5x400 on the treadmill
Friday: 3-mile run.  outdoors...finally.  We've had snow cover and frigid temps all week.
Saturday: 3-mile run with the girls, outdoors.
Sunday:  rest!

The best this week: 
By far the 5x400s.  I loved doing these, and really look forward to them each week.
The worst this week: 
Strength and laps on Wednesday.  By the middle of the week, my body was already exhausted!

the bright child

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'm struggling.  I'm struggling with a bright child.  I'm struggling with an extremely bright child who does not know how to challenge himself.  In no way do I intend to compare my child to his friends, or any other child for that matter, but I am struggling,  I think to put my thoughts down, and "think out loud" a little will help me map out the road ahead of me.

My child has it easy.  He has it easy in school.  He gets straight As without much effort.  He participates in all of the "advanced" programming (granted, that amounts to 1/2 hour per week in our school), and he is well liked by his teachers and friends.  He doesn't like to disappoint, so he performs well on all that he is asked.  He knows no other way.  It has been this way all of his life; easy for him.

My child is talented.  He has raw athletic talent.  His coaches wonder why he didn't play football this year.  Others see his speed on the soccer field and wonder why he doesn't do that all the time.  Recently, his basketball coaches have commented on his "lack of effort" on the court.  He seems to do what is expected and no more.  He seems to not have the confidence in himself that comes with tackling a challenge and overcoming it.  I wonder if this is because he has always had success in his life without much effort?

What's a mother to do?  How do I teach this child of mine to challenge himself?  How do I show him to live his life to the fullest, with the most effort?  How to I get him to work hard at EVERYTHING he does so he doesn't later regret his choices?  How do I show him the tremendous reward that comes with pushing yourself, and succeeding?  This life is too short to do nothing but...

I'm going to spend time googling, searching, seeking, and asking.  I am going to find someone to talk to about this.  I am going to work with his teachers and coaches to push him.  I will make this commitment to him.  He has so, so much to offer this world.  He will be an amazing contributor to his family and community.  But I will do what I can during the 8 years he has left in our home to help him understand the value of hard work and how much he can learn from tackling a challenge head on.

lists for the new year #3

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

things I hope to acomplish in 2011

start teaching again
set a new half-marathon PR: 2:30
run 3 races (and maybe a triathalon again)
reconnect with old friends, this being my fourtieth year
save more, spend less.  learn to live a simpler life
travel overseas
learn how to sew confidently
craft more...with molly
run more...with carson

the thing I love about this list is that many of these things are already in motion.  they are things I have been thinking on and planning for for a while now, and committing to getting them done has pushed me to start.

lists for the new year #2

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

accomplishments in 2010

ran lincoln 1/2 marathon. set a new PR: 2:34.
ran KC marathon relay.  i was lucky and had the best 6 mile route.
worked thru the merge of the business I work for.  the second in 5 years.
got my jeans out of the basement in the fall and they still fit!
hosted several parties in our home.
surprised my husband with a trip to chicago.  it was the best weekend we have had together in years.
opened our home to hector.  we are thankful every day for his presence in our lives.
deepened my friendships with my running group and my colorado girls.
made a commitment to myself teach again.

it was a great year!

lists for the new year #1

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Places I was in 2010...how lucky am I?