One Pissed-Off Soccer Mom

Monday, March 31, 2008

Ok, first off, yes, I am admitting it, I am a soccer long as the definition is that I have 2 kids playing for the soccer club this spring.

Second, we had our first games this weekend, and it was so effing cold, I thought I might die. It was 45 degrees with a brisk North wind like spring in Kansas can only bring. The fields are relatively new (so new in fact, that this is the first season with real bathrooms), so there are no trees for miles, and thus no wind break.

Third, our 7.9 year old's team was thrown into the league (at the last minute) with the kids who are 10 years old. So, as you can guess, they got CREAMED in both of their games. Now, it is not the winning I really care about, but when your kid comes away from the game really down on himself and doesn't really want to play the next game, that sucks!

But fourth (and the crux of this post) is the games we were to play this coming weekend. This was going to be the weekend from hell at the soccer fields because we were scheduled to have 4 games to watch on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. So, we were in for some serious bleacher butts. However, at the last minute, 3 players out of our 8 (their parents, really) decided they were going to take their whole families to San Antonio to see the Final Four. So, we will be forfeiting all 4 of my son's games as we won't have enough players to play.

So, I should be happy, right? Elated not to have to sit out at the soccer field for those 4 hours, right? Well, not really. I am really pissed off at those parents. I mean, now I have to tell my kid that his team will be losing 1/2 of the season's games because some selfish, asshole parents don't have their priorities straight. That his best friends' parents think it's no big deal to back out on the team. That they would rather take 6 adults and 8 kids, ages 5-10 to party in San Antonio than do what they committed to do at the beginning of the season. That they neglected to think far enough ahead when they were asked before the season started if there were any weekends that they were going to be out of town.

I am so pissed off. One of those parents is even a coach for the team.
  • I am trying to figure out in my mind how to let these parents know how irritated I am, without ruining my kids life.
  • I am trying to figure out what to say to my kid about his games being cancelled without letting my real feelings slip out.
  • I am trying to figure out how to face the coach at practice tomorrow without blowing my top.

Any suggestions?

What the Fuck Wednesday

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ok, so here it is...for all of us who have had a terrible, injurious time of it while shaving our nether-regions: The Bikini Line Genie!
According to the website:

"The Bikini Line Genie®, when properly fitted, provides protection in the form of a contour fitting mask. It is held in place using the curves of your own body (labia majora) and is so simple to use. It’s extremely comfortable and you can adjust the Bikini Line Genie® to cover as much sensitive area as you like for ultimate pubic hair removal and protection"
Oh, thank god! Something so simple to use! I mean, protect yourself now:
"So please don't wait until real-time injuries occur it's such a small step to take to avoid hours even days of extreme discomfort and possible disfigurement that not to take that tiny step towards protection would be unwise and unsafe. So Please Protect Yourself Now!"
If you hurry, you might be able to be one of the first to buy and get it for free! Stay injury free!
Thanks to Strange New Products for the picture!


Ok, he and his band are coming to my town next week. Can you even believe it? I think I will have to buy a ticket! He is so yummy I could lick his arms!

Yahooie! It's Spring!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spring has arrived in Kansas. I thought you might like to see a few shots of the activity that has been happening in my garden lately!

To the right are the deep purple (almost black) hyacinths pushing up out of the earth. I LOVE the way those fragile little things can move mountains to get to that precious sun! I'll share the blooms with you in about 2 weeks, hopefully!

Here is one of my babies. Yes, it is actually a poppy coning back for another season. I am so in love with poppies, but they are extremely hard to bring back in Kansas without a lot of love and care. I succeeded in doing absolutely nothing to these guys all winter, but they came back. I tried them in a new location this time, and it must have worked!

Below are the first 2 daffodils who bloomed in my courtyard already. I promptly cut them and brought them inside for our company to enjoy last night. they loved them!

And finally, the crocuses...I must admit that I am a cutting flower kind of girl, but there is nothing better than those first blooming crocuses in March. They look almost like snow on the ground.

Hopefully your first day of spring was as good as mine...enjoy the earth's greening where ever you are!


Monday, March 17, 2008

Last night the kiddos and I went to see the most amazing show...AEROS. In the midle of nowhere, we are so lucky to be able to see shows of this calibur. If AEROS is anywhere near you in the future, it is so totally worth it to get a ticket.

AEROS is a dance/gymnastics show with the performers coming from the Romanian Gymnastics team. To learn more about AEROS, go here.

As I was reading the program, I learned that the man who designed the costumes was none other that Luca Missoni himself! How cool is that?

I bet Ramona of Real Housewives of New York would LOVE them! See Scented Glossy Magazine's recap of Ramona and her Missoni infatuation here.

What the Fuck 2 Days in a row!

Some of you might be blonde, but please, please, please tell me that you wouldn't do this on TV. Even if you were thinking all of these stupid things, DON'T SAY THEM OUT LOUD!

Watch the disgrace here!

Double Murder

Sunday, March 16, 2008

As hubby and I were watching some show about the Subway restaurant in the Pentagon yesterday, we laughed our asses off at this comment: the manager of the Subway commented that when they were looking for employees, they were looking for things on their records like murder, or double murder...WHAT THE FUCK? That barely deserves the time it took to type this!

Spring Time

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Here in the middle of nowhere, it is warming up nicely...this makes me thing of getting out in the garden, which makes me think of the best fabrics (they literally make me drool) from Purl...

Check these out:


The "hearth" room

So, I have finally broken down and painted over my red wall in my hearth room (that sounds so grand, doesn't?).

Actually, it is no hearth room, it is just the room connected to my kitchen, separated by a 1960-ish long, half wall which serves as a pantry on the kitchen side, and a long half wall on the other side. We decided to make that room the official dining room.
  • So, the paint is this color from Benjamin Moore: Decatur Buff (actually it is 3/4 of this color, but you get the idea)
  • The trim matches all of the painted trim in the rest of the house: Tortilla.
  • I bought this rug that I had been eyeing at Target (yes, of the only places in the middle of nowhere to buy things for your home):
Now I am looking for the perfect buffet/sideboard/cabinet to have on that long half wall. I was turned on to Julian Chichester and I am thinking of one of these...what do you think? They totally are perfect for my contemporary styled home, with a nod toward the traditional:

This one has the most amazing velum fish scale detail on the front.

This one is long as well, and has this cool wave front. It also comes in silver leaf, but I think the black is cool.

So, what do think? I do also need some suggestions for curtains on my 8-foot sliding glass door. Any suggestions would be loved!