There's something about Molly

Friday, March 4, 2011

Gosh, I love that girl of mine, Molly.  She is so vivacious, has a mind of her own and cracks me up...lots.  Recently 2 things have happened that I mustn't forget. 
When Todd is out of town I always let the kids sleep in bed with me.  They take turns.  Todd doesn't know this, and we'd like to keep it that way. 

Molly working on her 2011 Valentines

1.  Last week when Todd was in New Orleans all week, and on one of Molly's nights to sleep with me, I was dozing off to sleep while she was still wide awake watching TV.  Just as I was about to fall asleep, she says "what is sex?"  My eyes shot open, and my breathing got quick.  I didn't move a muscle.  I did everything I could to pretend I was already asleep.  I must have been convincing 'cause she never said another thing.  See, I just couldn't deal with that at 10 o'clock at night without Todd there for back-up...missed it by that much...!

2.  This morning, again while Todd was out of town, this time in Iowa, I was letting Molly sleep-in (and I was too!) 'cause there wasn't school, and she was farting in her sleep!  Big, loud, man farts.  I was cracking up, and kept thinking she was awake and going to look over at me and smile after one of them, but she never did.  She was truly farting in her sleep.

Oh that kid, man I love her!