What the Fuck Wednesday

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I can't believe I am posting this, as it is so politically incorrect, but it really made me laugh.

Who came up with this? WTF?

From here.
On another note, I hope you can read that. I need to know how to do that
"click to see larger image" thing. Any hints?


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I just emailed that to everyone I know.

hey, you wouldn't consider changing your future Wednesday postings to "WTF Wednesday"? :) reason: I open your blog at work on wednesdays and immediately have to shut it down-- in case if big brother is taking a gander:)

very politically incorrect, but awesome!!! :-) and don't cave into requests to temper your language!! ;-)

wait, you're my blogger with balls hero. you don't even have your comment moderator on? love you for that.