What the Fuck Wednesday

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A while back The Consumerist reported:

"Robert Downey Jr. ...gave up drugs after Burger King served him a cheeseburger that was so disgusting that it forced him to reassess his whole life..."
I know BK is nasty, but do you think he was little bit high when he made that assessment?
In unrelated WTF stories: The burger above looks like the one I consumed at Hardee's one late (and drunk) night in college. Of course I got sick, and now even the sight of a sandwich like that makes me nauseous.


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I cannot eat or stand the smell of a Monte Cristo or Ramen because of unfortunate vomitous events involving those foodstuffs.

Uck. I love that the King cleared his mind, allowing his revelation.

I have not been back to Wendy's since 1991 when they served me some chili with some moldy onions on it. I have been Wendy-free ever since.

So, yes, I can see where Mr. Downey Jr. might have taken BK to the next level and changed his life. Such is the prerogative of a dramatic temperament.

I can't wait for you to join my administration!