What the Fuck Wednesday

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I can just hear it:

"Honey. let's have a hunting-themed wedding"

"Yeah, I can wear a camo cummerbund and tie"

"And I can pay someone a lot of money for this cake!"

What the fuck?! It's from here of course!

ps, someone "suggested" I change the title of these posts to WTF Wednesday, but I just can't do it. It would be a compromise, and I do this mostly for me. Besides, I like to see the word fuck in writing. It makes me laugh.


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I, for one, fully support your decision to leave the expletive in. Fuck fuck fuck! See? It's good for the soul.

HAHA. Way to stand up for yourself. And I agree. Fuck is just fun to write. Fuck. Shrug.

Love it.

Fuckity Fuck!

And that cake makes me laugh my fucking ass off.

I have to send you pictures of the groom's cake at my sister's wedding. It was duck hunting-themed. Complete with a pond. Oh, yes.

GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE - is what I would say if my husband to be wanted that cake!
I bet that was the Palin's wedding cake, eh?

good for you, not to give in! i love seeing what the fuck in the title and have been thinking of lifting it and doing it on my blog too! :-)

Ha! Totally Palin's wedding cake.

Way to stand up for the f word!

oh, that is tragic...and gross.