What the Fuck Wednesday (on Thursday)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

So, there is this site that has all kinds of tattoos on it. I found this one there:

I might be a little obsessed with what people do to their bodies with needles and ink. Maybe it is because I just don't get it. Whateves.


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Oh my word, just trawled that site and I have to say of all the bizarreness, it was the tatts of the chairs which really baked my noodle.
I love chairs, but THAT is crazy!

I'll have to check it out.....

I totally don't get the tattooing the inside of your lip....Yeowza!

that's just so disturbing it's lovely.

I'm so glad that I never got that tat I wanted in college. I would be walking around with a key and the letters KKG ~on my middle age cankly ankle NO LESS.

I'm not going to mince words here...that is DISGUSTING!! Who does that?!

I love you for finding this s#it!! Seriously hilarious!

ummm well now. that was interesting and entertaining. ok here's the low down. i have a tat. it's small & a teddy bear sticking out its butt. a teddy with a little attitude. why get a tat? for me it reflects alot of who i am. (so friends tell me lol) it's a way to express yourself.
ask to see my teddy i'll show you. its on my shoulder.

I've noticed this trend of the inner lip tattoo. You know once Brody Jenner gets one it's dunzo.

The worst tattoo I've seen is someone's eyeball. Yes--EYEBALL. WTF is with that?!

BTW, thanks for the sweet comment on my blog today:)