Finally! The last question!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

5. do you think your half marathon will lead to a whole one and then on to triathlons and iron(wo)men races? are you on the slippery slope of super athlete-dom here? or did you suffer a blow to the head over the holiday that you're not telling me about. ;-) (ok that wasn't a very serious question, but i am interested in knowing what makes someone want to run when they're not being chased.)

I hope the half-marathon will lead to a whole one, but I kind of doubt it...but maybe someday. Honestly, I run for the challenge. I am truly a wimp and this is a way I can challenge myself and see if I am up to it.

Several years ago when I was in Hawaii I went to a seminar about Chi Running. I had read and studied about it, and I was lucky enough to be able to attend a seminar. The basic theory is that the principles of Tai Chi are applied to running. Thus, you concentrate on balance, centering, core and your chi. I was recovering from plantar fascitis, and had gotten to the point that the doctor ha said no more steroid shots into my foot any more. I figured I would have to quit running. But after I started applying the practice of Chi Running, my injury went away. That was about 3 years ago and I have been injury free ever since. If you want to know more about Chi Running, go here. Don't forget. I am a fairly new runner, so it was not hard to "change" old habits.

My friend Cara and I have talked many times about doing a triathlon, specifically the one in Chicago. Perhaps after i get OKC under my belt I will be willing to try something else. I was a swimmer in high school, and still do a little swimming, so I think I could manage a mini-triathlon for sure (1/10/3 I think).

Do, for a short answer, I run for the challenge. I am a recreational runner who needs an event to train for in order to keep me honest and get me out there regularly.

Now, off to write those interview questions for those who asked for them. I'll let you know when their answers are up!


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i can understand the needing a goal, but i still think you might have bumped your head. ;-)

i envy you. i just wish i had the desire and the drive and determination to even run.!

i need a kick in the rear! i use to stay pretty fit, working out at home, walking whatever. i didnt have a real "routine" just did what i was up to that day. but it did the trick. Now i do NOTHING!

and can not get myself motivated to get started and stick to it.

So, head bump or not good for you!
can you bump me on the head?
ok maybe just a tiny one. no marathons for me lol!