Sunday, January 4, 2009

C - christ, why didn't I remember to use birth control?
H - hello, is there anyone else out there willing to help me raise these heathens?
I - I don't think there are any working parents on our school board
L - like for instance there were 17, yes 17, days off this holiday
D - darn, if I could only have like 20 minutes to myself in the bathtub
R - routine, what routine? Stay up late, sleep in and our lives are all topsy-turvy
E - errands have become inposible due to the "mom I want"s and "mom can I have"s
N - naw, I really do love them, but I am ready, oh so ready, for school to start tomorrow

**and gosh darn you blogger, I can't stand your spacing issues. I gotta figure that out.


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I can't really comiserate with the kids thing, but WORD on the stupid spacing issues.

Birth control - ha! I've got TWO birth control babies. Yeah, I guess I'm part of that .10%...go figure.

With the exception of dragging their azzez up in the morning & homework, I'm kinda looking forward to them going back to. Ah - just 3 more years, and ALL of them will be in school!

And errands with kids....that is impossible! And a freaking nightmare, at that!

A to the M.E.N.

Except we have a "teacher workday" tomorrow. GAHHH! They are trying to kill me.

it's monday morning and while it was damn hard to get up (still going to bed around 2:30) and get the child off to school, it's worth it for the chill music wafting up from downstairs and the being ALONE in this house!!! ahhh...

I hear you...
But I'm reckoning that as I can commiserate with all these with only one kiddie, I may as well go for more - in for a penny, in for a pound!

God, you're hilarious!

I want to post this up on my wall.