in my head

Friday, January 30, 2009

I am home from my fabulous trip to Miami...but more on that later. I woke up yesterday with a bunch of snot in my head and I had started losing my voice. This morning I woke up with no snot and no voice. As my boss said "it's a little like an extended vacation...for us!"

I have always had a "unique" voice. Some say it is Demi Moore-like. Others think it's cute, others have said it's sexy. I lose my voice quite often. In my younger days, when I went out to the bars and drank beer and talked over music, I would wake up with a really raspy/hoarse voice. On my wedding weekend, I had to be careful to not drink much beer as I was afraid I would have no voice with which to say I Do.

As I have gotten older, I don't go out to loud smoky bars and drink beer much anymore. However, when I get a cold or get sick, I almost always lose my voice. Sometimes, like today, I just wake up with no voice for no reason. Actually, I think there is a reason. I think my body is telling me to enjoy the silence. It is my way of just being in my brain without always having to be out loud.

So...for today, enjoy the silence!

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maybe it's all that running out in the cold. :-)

glad you're back!