Fry Day

Friday, January 2, 2009

We went over to by bosses house yesterday for a little New Year's Day fun. I often call my boss and his wife my 3rd set of parents. I love them dearly and am so fortunate to work for them. We have become social friends outside of work as well (which I don't do very often...socialize with work friends), and they are marvelous cooks, so we always enjoy when we have been invited over to their house for some vittles!

Yesterday was deemed "Fry Day" due to the new fryer Dave got for Christmas (and due to the fact that he is starting on his new year's diet on Monday). Here is what was prepared:

  • home made potato chips

  • home made corn tortilla chips (seasoned with salt and cumin)

  • home made flour chip sopapillas (seasoned with sugar and cinnamon)

  • fried green olives stuffed with blue cheese

  • hand battered onion rings

  • baked then fried chicken wings with Frank's wing sauce

  • hand battered and fried shrimp

  • arincini (risotto balls stuffed with fresh mozzarella and sausage)

  • hand battered corn dogs

  • fried steak fingers

  • battered and fried Snickers

  • sweet potato fries

If that wasn't enough there was black eyed pea soup (for new year's good luck of course) and twice baked potatoes.

The grazing started at about 3pm and lasted well beyond 6pm. Needless to say, I went to run after and went to bed without dinner! Umph!


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Yum! Fried green olives sound tastee!

He needs to make you some fried pickles!

Oh. My. Deep fried Snickers. Never had one, but I always dream about it.

Tell me they were the most delicious thing. Saying otherwise would be akin to telling a child there is no Santa...

oh my goodness, did you have to be carried out?

and next time, get them to do bounties, they're even better than snickers.

Those onion rings look so good! And everything else sounds so freakin' tasty too! Good thing I ate before reading your blog, or I would be in trouble at this moment. I might have to ask for a deep fryer for myself next year...

That sounds... AMAZING.