lent anyone?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Did you give something up for Lent this year? Although I am a Presbyterian, and we don't typically give anything up for Lent, Molly loves to do it (and is really good at it too) so I usually do too. This year I thought I would do something a little different, yet just as effective. This year I am adding something important to my life every day. The end goal is the same...each time I do it, I think of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for all of us.

play food from bugbitesplayfood's etsy store

This year I am committing to eating one piece of fruit every day during Lent. Hopefully I will stick with it permanently. It is really hard to get good fruit here in the winter, so usually I end up with the rickets or something like that by the time the spring rolls around. Not this year.

Tonight: 2 mile run and then a 2-frozen banana-fresh orange juice-and a splash of milk smoothie.



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i hope you're not gonna eat fruit made of felt.

it sounds like a good presbyterian adaptation of lent. prebyterians don't really like to suffer. unless it's in the cushy leather seats of their lincoln. i know this, because i was raised one and i loved my parents lincoln...

all right sister...
I gave up beer during the week...
even though I know in my heart and from memories past we weren't allowed to have stipulations on our "sacrifice", but now that I'm an ADULT I can do whatever the heck I please.

I'm doing the self challenge (again)
today I did my 3 mile run :)
tonight I will Shred...maybe by the middle of summer I can do a mini marathon?

As a fellow Presby, I think this idea is genius. I should begin a similar one {half a week late, ha.} asap!