Thursday, February 19, 2009

The view from our back door

I returned from Colorado Tuesday night about 6pm. The last passenger had been dropped off, and Molly came running down the street to greet me. Cool-as-a-cucumber Carson walked up and gave me a big hug, careful not to show too much emotion, as he is almost 9, you know. Todd was waiting in the kitchen for me with open arms.

My re-entry to the real world had happened. Right away we started in on homework and got ready to go watch the town rivalry basketball game. I had on my new keens and away we went.

All day long I thought about all the wonderful experiences I had over the past 5 days:

Penni, Katy, Susan and me getting ready for a morning walk

  • Our 7-hour drive to Colorado seemed like 30 minutes or so. It is amazing how quickly time flies when 5 women are in a car chatting away. We even stopped 4 times to go to the bathroom, and once for lunch, but there were no men to get mad at us.
  • A long walk in the cold Colorado morning is so refreshing, especially when it is snowing a little.
  • Laughter is indeed the best exercise for your abs. Mine are in great shape after this weekend.
  • I learned more about my friends that I ever imagined. Some of them are so quiet, but almost every comment they make is hilarious. Others are very private, but honest and inquisitive. One of them suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, but never ever lets that get her down. Another is the most talkative, creative person around. Finally, one friend who couldn't come at the last minute was in out thoughts the entire time.
  • Spending hours upon hours at a bead store is the best way to both have a great time and to help someones struggling business.
  • You don't have to spend much money at all to have a good time in the mountains of Colorado. Walking by the river, climbing rocks, going to St. Elmo, lunching in Salida, and watching a movie all cost next to nothing and provide hours of entertainment.
  • There is nothing better than having someone else cook for you. We ate blueberry coffee cake, apple-butter bacon, white chili, honey-butter corn bread, french toast with bacon, chili-cheese-egg bake, cheeseburger casserole with bacon, broccoli quiche, and cranberry scones. Yes, there was a lot of bacon, and it was great! All of this was in addition to the spiked hot cocoa, spin-artichoke dip, heart shaped sugar cookies, trail mix, Chex mix, puppy chow, peanut butter cookies, and occasional glass of wine.
  • Running at 8000 feet is really, really hard.
  • A short 6 mile drive can turn into the most wonderful morning filled with many photos, a winding river and even a little spur-of-the-moment rock climbing.
Self portrait of me and Margy

This little vacation/girls trip could not have come at a better time. We are already planning and looking forward to the next one!


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Jealous! But glad you had a great time!

My friends and I are ALWAYS talking about doing something like this... Sounds like it was fabulous.