open letter to the running gods

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

monday's run was long
5 miles to be exact
it was warm and windy
and almost the death of me

why do you insist in challenging me like this?

upon leaving the house
I felt like I could run all day
but after that first hill
I could not get enough oxygen into my lungs

why do you insist in challenging me like this?

the dog was running along with me
and for once hadn't stopped to poop
her tongue was hanging out
but she never once slowed down

why do you insist in challenging me like this?

I was afraid I would have to call Todd
at the half-way mark to take me home
but when I turned around, wind at my back
I felt great again, like Artemis had jumped off my back

now I know why you challenge me like this...

today's run way a measly easy 2 miles
out and back from my house in only 20 minutes
no hills, no traffic, and a full moon rising
you were only preparing me for today

thank you.


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ha! its nice to know others struggle. but the dog poop and the tongue hanging out was the real test for you. no breather and the dog did fine.

loved it! tell us more of these challenging stories. we are your fan club those who follow your running.

OK, your "measly two miles" would be a HUGE accomplishment for me! I am so impressed, lady:)