Monday, March 9, 2009


If you didn't notice, I was out of town all last week for work. However, this past weekend was really productive:



We finally got the kids' bathroom floor tiled. Remember back here when I was looking for more tile to match what I already had? Well, I finally saved up my money and had it shipped. Since we didn't have a basketball tournament this weekend, I scheduled my cousin to come help me (we do those things for each other) and we got it done!

If you look closely, the grout is actually grey (Silver Shadow!). All of the things in the room are silver, and I loved the look of the grey with the tile. Hopefully it won't get stained and look terrible as quickly as lighter grout would. All that is left is to seal it up an put the toilet back in place.

Hip Hip hooray! I'm off to rest my bruised knees and sore ass!


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i hope you have a boy to put the toilet back in, that seems like work for a boy.

looks awesome!

you must be so "sicite" it's done (that's the WV word and it means pleased with yourself for doing work yourself that you could have had to hire someone else to do if you weren't so cool and capable. :-)

I am like, SO impressed!
Seriously - rock on DIY diva!