7 years and 2 months

Monday, February 2, 2009

Correctly tied shoe Incorrectly tied shoe
Tonight was a banner night. My Molly (7 years and 2 months old) finally learned to tie her shoes tonight. THANK GOD! I know, I know...that's way too old for learning how to tie her shoes.

You see, Molly has one heck of a temper, and any time someone tried to help her, she got mad. So, I finally bucked the system and MADE her do it. We only yelled at each other 3 times. Hooray! We haven't had Velcro shoes in our house for about a year now, but tying her shoes has gotten old. It takes her a mighty long time to tie, but it's worth the wait.

ps, pictures from here...and go there if you want to learn more interesting facts about shoe lacing and tying!


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We are still YEARS away from tying our shoes over here. My 6yo daughter might catch on sometime in the next six months or so, but my 7yo son -- forget it.

Congratulations. It really is mommy's accomplishment, too!

i checked out the shoe lacing site. wow! who knew there were so many ways to tie a shoe. or that so many cared if your shoe was not tied or laced a certain way. for me as long as no one is tripping on the lace its a done deal.