Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yesterday I ran 6 miles. I consider this to be 1/2 of the half-marathon I will be running in April. Cool, huh?

Above is a picture of my running partner..sleeping. Seriously, this is Emmy, and she runs with me on every run. Today she is getting bathed and groomed, and I want to preserve her good smell, so I will have to sneak out of the house to run while she is outside.
Don't worry. I did some research and it appears that it is fine for her to run long distances with me as long as she can handle it and gets water breaks when I do.


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oh my god. she is so cute.

i cant believe she sleeps like that. hilarious!

I seriously want to smash my face in her neck fur and hug her SO TIGHT!

I miss my golden, and she is a beautiful pup!

I Love your dog...she looks like mine :) Come visit my blog today for photos.