Friday, February 13, 2009

Bright and early this morning I am leaving for Buena Vista, CO with 5 other girls. In October I bought from the Salina Art Center the use of a home for a $950 donation. I will admit, I did bid on it behind Todd's back. He kept getting up and wandering off during the auction, so it wasn't really my fault!

Image Credit: Greg Burke via here

It was really easy to gather 6 girls together who were looking for a few days away in the middle of the winter. My friends Cara, Katy, Penni, Margy and Susan are going with me. We are leaving at 6am and driving the 8-9 hours to BV. We will spend all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday hanging out, eating, drinking and just generally enjoying each other's company. We will drive back home on Tuesday.

We divided up into pairs and each set of us will be responsible for breakfast and dinner on a particular day. Margy and I are bringing a blueberry loaf and making wonderful bacon for our breakfast, and we'll make white chili, and the best cornbread ever for dinner. Of course we will have mimosas with our breakfast and a glass of cold Kim Crawford at dinner. I can't wait to see what everyone else has planned for us to eat! Tonight I made a big batch of puppy chow to share in the suburban on the way there.

We are all bringing our "girl" movies to watch as we lounge. I got The Sex and the City movie for Christmas, and have been saving it for this trip! I also saw that on Lifetime this weekend, we will have our pick of any romantic movie ever made. There are hot springs nearby, as well as skiing, cross country skiing and snowshoeing activities to do. There are several fun little stores and galleries to visit. Right near our place is a great little trail to go exploring on.

I am really looking forward to hanging out with the girls and doing as little or as much as I feel like doing. I am taking my camera and hoping to spend some time alone with it. Maybe something good will come of it!

I'll miss you all, but will check in from time to time I am sure!


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Have an awesome time! (Like you need any prompting from me :))

Make room for another girls' weekend this spring....

Have fun! :)

impatiently awaiting your return. and i hope you got some good pix!