basketball and chili

Sunday, February 8, 2009

This was a strange weekend. Molly left Friday night to travel with my mom and nieces to Houston. She was over the moon about this trip. I hope it meets her very high expectations. Todd, Carson and I went to the local high school basketball game. They won by like 40 points.

Saturday morning was leisurely, but we had to leave the house by 11am to head to Hutchinson, KS for yet another 3rd grade basketball tournament. Carson didn't feel great when he woke up, but after a few tylenol, he was good to go. When we got there, we watched as the officials lowered the goals to 8'. Our boys practice and play on 10' goals, so it looked like we might be able to dunk it!

image from here

The boys won their first game handily, and we left the gym for Freddy's Frozen Custard for lunch...them's some good steak burgers! Carson stayed in the suburban and took another Tylenol as he was starting to feel puny again. It was obvious during the second game that he was really feeling badly. Good thing they played a second grade team as he didn't have to put forth too much effort. We came straight home and put on our jammies and watched Space Chimps from the Red box.

This morning, Carson woke up with a fever, headache and sore throat. I called the coach and told him that Carson wouldn't be able to play today. They didn't call someone to replace him...which makes me feel good, like they'd rather have nobody than to find a replacement for Carson. The team lost the first game today and won the second. Apparently several other boys were not feeling well either, but didn't have fevers yet. I no longer feel so bad about keeping him at home. When the team returned, a few of the boys went over to my in-laws (Carson was on their couch for a few hours this afternoon) and took Carson the medal he earned from the tournament. How sweet is that? He really does have the best coaches and friends.

After lunch I cooked some ground beef and started a pot of chili. Man, was it good. It was cool, but humid here today, and a warm bowl of chili just hit the spot. If we only had more cheddar cheese, I would go have myself another bowl!

image from here, but my chili DID look like that!

The rest of the evening will be spent changing the sheets on Carson's bed, making him toast, and just hanging out on the couch with him. Looks like he will be home from school tomorrow. Good thing my father-in-law will be home. I need to work a few days this week before I go on my next trip...with the girls to Colorado! Jealous?


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Mmmm, chili. Now I know this sounds trashy, but have you ever had your chili with a bag of Fritos? Makes it even tastier!

Fritos + Chili = Awesome.

I'll vouch.

Also, I blog awarded you, Mrs. Amanda Runningpants!