What the Fuck Wednesday

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Check out these shoes that are supposedly all the rage in Japan...

Now check out what they looked like "back in the day," and what your feet will look like if you wear them! Yuck!

Sorry...these came in an email to me, and I don't know where the photos came from. If they are yours (and by some amazing miracle you are reading this blog, let me know and I will credit you ASAP!)


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ewwww look at the toes curled under. I thought foot binding was a chinese thing not a japanese thing.

wow, informative and disgusting...all rolled into one nice little blog :)

a good wednesday choice!

LOVE the What The Fuck Wednesday posts...

ouchie-wa-wa. I would hate to be the one to give her a pedicure (barf).

I just threw up in my pants.

also - I agree with Susannah - love the WTF Wednesday posts

Thanks for sharing post – much appreciated and now following you! Looking forward to your Post....