Thursday, June 12, 2008

Now that I am typing this, I think I might have told you about her before, but oh well, I love her stuff THAT MUCH!

Now, friends, look below at the wonderful finery:

This gal, Elisabeth Delehaunty, makes all of her stuff from recycled fabrics she finds at garage sales, thrift stores, and the like.
Come on, how cool is that special Olympics shirt? And that skirt (which is very similar to a red and blue one I bought last year). How about that scarf? Yummy!
I tell you this not to make you jealous, but I actually get to see Elisabeth's stuff in person for 3 days starting tomorrow.
This is because we have the fabulous Smoky Hill River Festival starting tomorrow. I know it is too late this year, but you really should make an effort to come here some time for the festival. It is a wonderful festival of food and arts and music; award winning, in fact! Read more about the festival at it's website here.
Since you can't see Elisabeth this weekend, you can look at and buy her things here at her website.
More posts about the festival coming up this weekend!


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Friggin dig that scarf...

Fab find!

Love those clothes. How cool that these are made from recycled material. Amazing!