Piperlime + Maloles

Friday, June 20, 2008

Ok, so I forgot for a bit there that Piperlime.com was part of Gap. Old Navy, Banana Republic...but I still love it!

This post was going to be about these cool shoes that I saw in a magazine for sale at Piperlime. However, I can't get the GD picture of them to come out right!
So, I have spent the last hour searching the web for a good photo of those shoes. In the search, I came on the Maloles website...which is too cool, go visit it.

Then I discovered this cool site: Little Fashion Gallery, where they have these Fuchsia Nubuck Ballet Pumps petite Maloles for sale for only about $US 120.00:
Look at these: they will set you back a year on your retirement, but I LOVE THEM!
Hmmm, I love virtual shoe shopping!


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virtual shoe shopping takes the cake.

I too love virtual shoe shopping..!