Vonzell Solomon

Friday, June 13, 2008

Some of you reality TV fans might know who the heck Vonzell Solomon is (uh, hum, SGM). I for one didn't, and really it doesn't matter. (She was the third place loser in season 4 of Idol)

My friends at People Magazine were telling me how Vonzell accidentally took her unloaded handgun into the airport in Florida. Really, it was just a mistake.
I can't say it any better than her father/manager:

“Vonzell wants everyone to know that this was an honest mistake,” her manager and father, Larry Goethie, tells PEOPLE. “She had a big purse and just didn’t realize that the gun was in it.” He notes that Solomon has a permit for the weapon, and carries it for safety during her long road trips. “She’s a single woman, and she is sometimes in situations where she needs protection."
For God's sake. Who accidentally takes their handgun to the airport? Jeezus. Dumbshit. No wonder she got third place.


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That must be the biggest purse known to man! Holy shit!

Mmm...deliciously awesome.