thoughts after christmas

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

So you might be wondering (or not) how, after this post, Christmas went in our house. If you're not wondering, stop reading here. I'm currently at home alone with a glass of wine and this delicious Spaghetti Squash with Lemon and Capers cooking away, and I thought I would fill you in while I had the time.

So, Christmas was actually ok. I know that is anti-climactic, but oh well. As far as the gifts go, I did all of the shopping (excepting a few gifts for grandfathers purchased on Christmas Eve). I did all of the wrapping, and all of the stocking stuffing. However, I did not feel one ounce of guilt when I wrote "From Mom" on every gift to my kids. Christmas was as much of a surprise to Todd as it was to the kids. Although I don't like it like that (remember how I want Todd to want to help with the shopping and wrapping?), I didn't ask for any help, and none was offered up, other than the obligatory "do you need any help?" I think the kids liked their gifts, and I am happy to say that we didn't go overboard with presents this year.

Now, as I said earlier, Todd likes the idea of staying at home and not going anywhere during Christmas. Although we had invitations to attend my mom's family Christmas as well as my dad's side, I didn't force the issue. Todd had originally made plans to go to Kansas City to watch the Chiefs play on Sunday the 21st (why? He HATES the Chiefs), but he decided to stay home and go to my mom's family Christmas. I in no way made him feel guilty about this except to confirm that my mom had sent an email in November about the date and time, so he couldn't use the excuse that he didn't know when it was going to be. We didn't go to my dad's family Christmas on Christmas Eve. But we did go to church with the kids, came home and ate enchiladas and watched the old Parent Trap. We then drove around and looked at Christmas lights. It was nice, and I didn't miss seeing family too much.

Christmas Day was fun too. We got up and opened presents in our PJs. Just our little family of 4. We hung around and ate Lucky Charms and then got around to starting lunch for our guests. My folks arrived with gifts at noon and Todd's folks at 1, with Great Aunt Helen in tow. We had a wonderful meal and lots of great conversation and puzzle-putting-together. The kids played with their new things, and the men took naps on the couch in front of football and the fire. Everyone left about 5:30, just as the kids were saying "what's for dinner?" (what's that about? We just ate, 4 hours ago, a ginormous meal, and they are asking for food!)

So, I must say, that all-in-all, Christmas was fun. I mostly kept my mouth shut (which is a real exercise for me sometimes) and just enjoyed things the way they turned out. It is a lesson for me that my expectations are not always the only way things can be. Others in this family are allowed to have opinions and to have those opinions respected. I learned a lot about myself this Holiday. I know Christmas won't be easy each year for me, but maybe it will get easier each year. Here's hoping, anyhow!


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I love that you put "from Mom" on the labels. Your Christmas sounds wonderful!

Yep, sounds like parr for the course. Try my Xmas plan, & you're never disappointed. Head to Neiman Marcus (or whatever store you desire) chose an uber fab gift for yourself (I chose a pair of Tory Burch booties), have it gift wrapped, address it to yourself from your husband, then pull it out on Xmas day and squeal with glee! "Oh honey, it's just what I wanted! You shouldn't have". Then the hubby can have his name on one of the packages. Plus, it's 2 gifts in one: the actual gift, & the look on his face...

I bought several things for myself, wrap them myself and then put that they are from the dog or the kids. I got a great pair of boots this way!

And putting "from mom" is a totally awesome passive aggressive way to make a point - I love it!