Merry Christmas to You (and me too)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hope this finds all of you sufficiently stuffed and enjoying whatever holiday(s) you do this time of year.

For Christmas this year I gave myself an entry into the Oklahoma City marathon. Actually, the 1/2 marathon, but whatever. A few girls and I are going to enter and train and then go together come April 26th. Why do you care? Well, because this is my way of being accountable for what I commit to. It seems that if I tell all of you (and post training progress on my blog's side bar) I might actually do it.

So far this week, I have followed this training schedule to the letter (I know, it' s only Thursday, but still!) My dog comes with me on each run and she loves it too. I forget how good it feels to get out there and run. I used to hate running. I couldn't even go a block. My longest run ever was something like 7 miles. If I can do this, it will certainly be an accomplishment. I could use some accomplishment in my life.

So, for now, that is my gift to myself. And until I can be less tired and more able to write coherently...merry and happy!


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You just might be able to inspire me to do the same! I absolutely loathe running! We'll see. You go first!

that is a noble (if mildly insane) goal. bravo to you!!! i'm sure you can do it! perhaps i'll come and take your picture as you cross the finish line. :-)