Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ok, so I am feeling a little verklempt. The lovely and talented (and wonderful friend all the way over in Denmark) Julie of Moments of Perfect Clarity won some awards and she has so kindly passed them on to me. I have been mulling over what I want to say in my acceptance speech, so here goes:

Ladies and gentlemen (if there are any of you out there reading), it wouldn't be appropriate for me to accept these awards without first thanking God (otherwise known as Scented Glossy Magazines). She (god is a female in my world) got me started on this whole blog thing, way back in February of 2008. I have come such a long way because of her, and I can't thank her enough.

Second, I need to thank my very first blog friend, Jessie of The Lucky Stone. Jessie and I have chatted for many hours know because of our blogs. Now that she is back in the world of the employed, we don't get to chat nearly enough, but she's only a few hours away from me, so we WILL get together again soon.

Third, I need to thank my friends here at home who don't have their own blog ( know who you are!) but read about my escapades faithfully. One of them has finally learned how to comment, so maybe, just maybe we will get her to start writing too!

Fourth, I would like to thank one of my new blog crushes, Mary at The Eleventh. I am loving getting to know her thru her blog, and as a fellow Midwesterner, I can just tell we'll be fast friends!

And finally, I need to thank Julie. She has become a fast friend, and if she ever comes back to the states, I will do everything I can to meet her in person.

The Superior Scribbler Award

Love Your Blog Award

I am honored to accept these awards, and it is my pleasure to pass them on to those above who have so influenced me. SGM, Jessie and Mary, come get your awards, and pass them on.

PS: The rules are simple. Link back to this post and then pass 'em on!

PPS: Julie, you too would get one of these, had you not already been bestowed one!


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How nice!

I miss those days of SNL...back when it was actually funny.


God? Oh no, no, no! Jesus, maybe, but not God. Hee hee. I am so grateful that you are part of my real world and my imaginary internet world. :)

xoxo 4fr

Sweet! Nicely done.

Happy New Year!

Well, land sakes alive!

You are too too sweet, my dear. Here's to many more chatting & shopping trips in the future!

Much love!