I've got a lot more reading to do!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Guess what my mom got me for Christmas? An Amazon Kindle! It is the most awesome thing evah! How did she know that I would want that? Maybe it was the 3 stinking library books I took with me on vacation to Florida (which put me over the weight limit on my bag I am sure). Maybe it was the fact that both my kids got ipods and Todd got a Garmin for his car, so I needed something cool and techie too. Whatever, I love it!

Who knows, but I plan on spending ALL weekend (after I go to work today) fiddling around with it (and after I load up my kids ipods with appropriate music!).

Here's to a wonderful weekend full of reading!


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Sweet! I did a lot of shopping on Amazon this year and saw that those had been sold out. I guess you were one of the lucky ones!

Not sure what a Garmin is....I'll have to look that one up.

Can you post a playlist? My kids got MP3 players, too.

ya gotta love gadgets. do give us a review after you get to know it. :-)

just gave you an award, by the way, come by and get it. :-)


Thank you so much! So perfect.