Monday, December 8, 2008

Cool image of the paths of air traffic visualized in color and form from here.

No, I am not missing in action. I have been around the world and back (or so it seems.)

We left beautiful Captiva Island, FL on Friday morning and flew thru Atlanta to Wichita. This weekend, I was really productive, including getting the Christmas tree up and decorated (actually I let the kiddos put all of the ornaments on this year, and it was so much fun just watching them. I didn't move one ornament!) We got all of our decorations out, baked some cookies, and went to church. I spent several hours at the office on both Saturday and Sunday.

Today I drove back to Wichita, got on another plane and flew thru Memphis to Jacksonville, FL. After a little shopping and dinner, I drove on up to Waycross, GA to settle in for a week of work here.

Phew! I will not be in my office for 2 weeks straight. It is a little bit of a strange feeling, almost like I don't really work anymore. I kinda like that feeling. Except for the airplane air, missing my family, and rough hotel sheets, I could get used to this. Not really.


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is there room service? i find that helps immensely. :-)