the speed of time

Monday, February 22, 2010

You know it?
Life is mostly about the passing of time, I guess.
Some days we need time to go faster and others for it to to slow down.

I think of time often:
  • how many minutes left on the treadmill?
  • how long until the kids need to be taken or picked up?
  • when will dinner be ready?
  • how minutes did he play in the games this weekend?
  • time to go home from work?
  • how long until I get there?
  • how many more minutes until bed time?
  • how much longer will this meeting last?
  • what was her fastest time in the swim meet?
  • when will you be home?
  • when can I find time to be creative?
  • can I run faster in the next race?
  • can we have a few minutes alone?
I have been pondering time a lot lately. 
What will I do with the time I have been given? 
How can I make an impact with my time and talents? 
Am I spending enough time with my kids? 
How can I show them how to use their time wisely? 

ps, above is my first experiment with capturing motion with long shutter speeds.  It was great fun and I ca't wait to get out there and do it again!


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