my sweet girl

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Following is a comversation Molly and I had the other night:

Molly: Mom, are we ever going to move?
me: I don't know, not any time soon.  Of course you'll move some day.
Molly: Why?
me: Well, you'll probably go off to school, but maybe you can go to school here in Salina and still live with me...
Molly: well...probably not.  I think I will go away for college
me: ok, well, by then you'll probably be sick of living with me anyhow and will want to move out.
Molly: No mom, I will never be sick of living with you.  I LOVE you.

Isn't she just the sweetest girl ever?

I love you, Molly!

ps, aren't those just the best sweetheart lips you've ever seen?


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i wish they would always stay that way. i do. and yes, what a sweet mouth too.

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