What the Fuck Wednesday (on Thursday)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

toilet paper...I had no idea that there were so many opinions out there about how the tp must be put on the holder. We were at a lovely birthday dinner a few weeks back, and 1/2 of the adults there had very firm opinions about how the paper is placed. Several of them even change it when is isn't correct. What the Fuck? I mean it's tp and you wipe with it!
  • Do you require the tp be hung over (like above) or under?
  • Do you change it (if possible) when you are in the bathroom and it isn't "your way?"
  • Do you prank folks who you know have a preference?

Some references for you "anal" folks: here, here, and here


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i actually do think there's a right way (like in your picture) and have been known to change it when i'm in a bathroom that has it the wrong way.

however, that said, we get around the problem here at house by not having a roll holder and just using a basket to hold the TP right beside the toilet. :-)

helloooo - it's like, SO important. and one of the only things I really care to be pernickety about:
I never change it in anyone else's house (to each their own etc), and have my family (read: husband) so well trained I never need change it around in mine ...

There is are facebook groups for people who are either 'toppers' or 'bottomers'. Hey, you gotta have some structure in your life, why not control the toilet paper. I personally control the folding of clothes and how dishes are placed in the cupboards.


I like folding the corners over in strange guest bathrooms, as if room service had just been there.