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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last night I interviewed for the vacant position on our local school board. It was a very interesting process as the interview was open to the public and occurred during the regular school board meeting. There were 2 other candidates who interviewed, but I got to go last as my name came last in alpha order...sometimes being last is a good thing.

They will announce their selection at the next board meeting on April 28th. I don't know if the candidates will know before then or not. I am excited and a little nervous. I will keep all 5 of you posted!

Easter was good at our home. On Saturday Molly had 2 basketball games and 2 soccer games and Carson had 2 soccer games. Our day was full and we rolled into bed exhausted. At least the day was beautiful and we were outside. Sunday, however, was another story. After church I had to do a 9 mile training run. It rained ALL DAY. Not a hard rain, but the soaking, damp, icky steady rain. Todd dropped me off 9 miles out of town and I ran home. I literally ran home. I was soaked to the bone when I arrived, but exhilarated that I had done it. I don't really remember the last 1/4 of the run as I was just on auto pilot and gunning for home! My reward was a Brookville Chicken Easter dinner. Yummo!

After next weekend many, many things that we are involved in will be finished: the marathon, a charity party we are hosting, a soccer tournament, and a few work deadlines. I will be glad. I feel a bit overwhelmed at this moment. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, though.

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i'm sure you were a shoe-in!

and i think that me and the other four will also be happy when you're done with all that was making me tired, just thinking about it. ;-)


My mom has been on the school board in my hometown for something like 15 years. She loves it. She is paid nothing and she has to run for reelection every 4 (6?) years, but she has never had an opponent.

It's so much work, but she does it because she really cares about the schools. She has to make a lot of compromises and put up with a lot of crazy nonsense from random cranks, though. Better her than me! I wouldn't have the patience for that kind of shit.

Look at your fancy new blog design! I like it!

Good luck with the school board--you would be EXCELLENT in that position.

So so so so jealous of your Brookville dinner, and v. impressed you ran 9 miles.

HOW do you have the time girlfriend? Schoolboard....I am impressed too! Good luck with the run!