Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Today is really spring-like. The sun is out, it is cool, and I just feel springy. My outfit today is:

A crisp, white linen blouse (mine is from Allen Allen, but i couldn't find it on the 'net)

A pair of spring-green pants from the Gap, again years ago.

Cutest spring Qupid shoes. I got mine at The Buckle years ago

(could be why they are dirt cheap right now!)

While I was at home today, I made the best spring-time lunch:

  • egg salad made from farm-fresh eggs, with fresh dill on hearty white bread

  • served with fresh radishes
  • and a Diet Coke (natch)


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are those the pants you almost peed? ;-)

very springy, dahling. well, except for the pee...

Oh, your LUNCH! Perfection. I really need an herb garden.

ohhhh...super cute shoes!