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Thursday, April 30, 2009

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I just went into the break room to warm up a can of soup for lunch (since I am leaving at 4pm to go run), and I was reminded of a funny story from a few years ago...
One winter day, I went into the break room to warm up a can of soup for lunch. It was cold out, and warm soup sounded good (as opposed to today where it is warm out and soup didn't sound so good, but it was available and edible). After pouring the soup into the big soup-mug-cup-thingy and putting it into the microwave, I proceeded to open a Diet Coke and wait for 3 minutes for the soup to be warm. By the way, 3 minutes is the PERFECT amount of time for soup to be hot, but still edible. Anyhoo...
as I took the soup out of the microwave, I heard a loud pop. The next thing I know, I was writhing in pain. I shouted FUCK and put the cup of soup down to figure out what had just happened to me. My hand made its way up to my eye and cheek. A frigin' bean exploded. The insides of the bean had splattered onto my eyelid (thankfully, I got my eye closed) and cheek. I was burned!
I am sure you assume that co-workers came running to see what was the matter...but no! You see, I often cuss to myself: at the copy machine, at my desk, etc. Everyone just sat at their desks, assuming I was just cussing to myself. It took 1/2 hour for anyone to notice my burn and offer help. Thank goodness for the first aid kit in the warehouse!
As you might expect, I now make soup in the microwave with a paper towel covering the cup. I also wait for several minutes before I uncover said soup.
Happy Thursday!


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that was one mean bean.

be careful out there...



Guess what I brought for lunch today!!!!

Good thing our microwaves are just barely strong enough to melt butter.

Don't even own a microwave. Already have more than enough of things to swear at.