Monday, April 27, 2009

I DID IT! I finished the 1/2 marathon yesterday! Actually, I knew I would finish it, but I actually did OK. I was shooting for a 2:30 time, and didn't quite make that, but here are the statistics:

bib number: H1689
gender: F
location: KS
overall place: 3998 out of 5773
division place: 385 out of 594
gender place: 2175 out of 3585
time: 2:39:50
pace: 12:13
10k: 1:11
The temp when we started was 71 degrees, with overcast skies. The humidity was about 100% (or it sure felt like that), and there were wind gusts of up to 43mph. However, if there hadn't been wind, it would have been awful. I am thankful that Cara made me do some training in the wind. We needed that!
A few thoughts and memories:
  • Once again, the car ride to OKC and back with the 5 of us was as memorable as the race!
  • OKC is a great place to visit...many great places to eat and see
  • 19,000 people in one place getting ready to run is a sight to see.
  • 19,000 people running up and over a bridge ahead of you looks like a wave of human bodies.
  • If there is ever a race in your area, go out to cheer the runners on. Especially at the finish line. I had energy I never knew I had for those last 4-5 blocks.
  • Streets with spilled water, cups, and smashed pretzels and oranges are pretty slick.
  • 5 women (ages ranging from 37 to 51) getting out of a van after running 13.1 miles and then riding for several hours look really, really funny. We could hardly walk, and were giddy with the adrenaline of friendship and running and racing.
  • The larger the race, the less likely it is that you will ever run without many, many people surrounding you.
  • A cheeseburger after running 13.1 miles sounds like it would be delicious, but I couldn't even imagine lifting my hand to my mouth after the race. Boy, they sure did smell good though!
  • I'm pretty sure I have no desire to run a full marathon...ever!

On tap next: A 5K trail run in early June with the same girls. In September we are all going to do a mini-triathlon in Kansas City. There will be several other gals joining us for that one. I can't wait!


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I admire your dedication

congrats to you too! i was supposed to run with a friend and it didn´t end up working out. at first i was lonely but then i was able to do some deep thinking and met some friends along the way :)

the people cheering were so great, i could not believe it! this one guy was trying to yell everyones number as we passed it was so funny like go 4585, 8592, 252, 7584 he kept getting them jumbled. gosh the fans were inspiring. i heard my mom cheering for other runners before i approached, it was cute.

i can´t imagine doing a whole marathon, but it´s something else i want to cross off my list before long. that is going to take a whole other level of training!

good luck with all your endeavours! keep up the great work!

much love,
fellow blogging half marathoner

You did it!! Congrats to you, good job, girl!

yay for you and for your friends!! although i still find it madness, i know you could do it, and it must have been a great experience!!!

YAy! I'm really really proud of you! You worked so hard, and it really showed. :)

Sounds like you'll be running one in KC at some point... let me know and I'll come cheer you on!!!!!!!


I wish you lived near me too and we could be running buddies. I'm not back up to 13 miles yet, so you're still ahead of me right now.

I'm going to bechecking you blog for running updates.

Also - I completely agree about the cheering and cheeseburger! There were times I wasn't sure I was going to make it in my 1/2 marathon and the crowd support carried me. And A cheeseburger is way to heavy too heavy to lift after running 13.1 miles!

p.s. i tagged you today :)

Excellent work! I still am in awe of you running to Target and back. :)

All of it is very, very impressive.