this monday morning

Monday, June 27, 2011

::  i was up at 5am to get to my flight.  the wind was blowing so hard at home, branches were scratching the windows.  that kind of weather just makes me want to get BACK into bed.

::  a long layover in chicago is made much better by a great chair in the admiral's lounge.  i heart my amex platinum.

::  this poison ivy is killing me.  i look like a leper and folks at the airport are staring at me.  i think torture by itching could be the cruelest punishment.  i hope the steroids they have pumped me full of start to help soon.

::  progress is coming on the shed/cabin out at the farm (thus the poison ivy).  i have had such a great time working with my dad.  i hope the finished product is as fun as the preparation has been.

::  we're getting bees at the farm one of these days...and a windmill to pump water from a well too.

::  i have been taking a lot of photos lately.  it's sometimes a daunting task to get them from my camera into my computer.

::  GA here i come!


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