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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On Sunday, Todd and I went on the local garden tour. Although he didn't really want to come, we had a nice time. Rarely do we have a few hours alone together where we aren't socializing at some party (read: drinking) or trying to scurry around the house and get as many things done before the kids get home.

Sometimes Todd just cracks me up. We started having a conversation about why American car makers have so utterly failed. He immediately spotted 2 cars whose designs are so horrible that to him, they are proof.


"The Chevy Uplander: Why would anyone ever buy that car? It looks just like a platypus."


"The Ford Probe. Not to be confused with a suppository"


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I have been thinking along the same lines. I actually like the design of the Chrysler Pacifica because it has a third row seat that folds down -- tres versatile, no? But it's made by Chrysler, so of course it's a lemon.

He's so right about the Ford Probe! I haven't seen it before, maybe it hasn't got to Europe!

we always used to laugh at that name...probe. it's just so wrong.

love your new header!

I love the new header too ;)
Also, the Probe is about as good a name as the Nova. My dad was a GM man back in the day so of course I grew up with them. My first non-american car was a Toyota MR2, after that the whole family went international...

Hey! You're probably at your reunion right now! Hope you're having a great time! I'm sure you look totally hot too!