2 and 2

Friday, June 5, 2009

Two complaints:
1. I hate to shave my legs. As I have gotten older, I mind it less, but I still don't like it.
2. Physics. My high school physics teacher was not good. He did not instill in me a love for physics. Anything (like golf for example) which has to do with physics, and and knowing about physics in order to understand and/or get better at is too much for me to handle.

Two loves:
1. Diet coke from McDonald's. I swear that their formulation is different. There isn't as much carbonation, which allows for faster filling and less waiting tome for the foam to go down. This I know from all of my McDonald's Diet Coke experience.
2. Summertime evening walks with friends and family. There is something about walking when it is dark. By this I mean strolls, and NOT exercise walks.


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3 words that will CHANGE YOUR LIFE:
LASER HAIR REMOVAL. Did my legs, bikini, pits. LOVE IT. Do it. You wont be sorry.

I hate waxing too and I'm saving for laser hair removal, it's expensive!
Summertime evening walks are great, aren't they?