the smell of cilantro on my hands

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last night I wandered around in the garden. Well, really, I first wandered around in our front courtyard. Then I went to the perennial garden on the west side of the house. From there, I went down the steps, past the potting area and the compost piles and into the backyard. I rested a few minutes in the sky-chair, and watched the finches eating and splashing. After a bit I went thru the gate to the vegetable garden. I inspected the basil, looked over the ripening tomatoes, and rubbed the cilantro. Some years I grow the cilantro only for the glorious smell. I love the smell of cilantro. The beans/peas (I can't remember which I planted) are blooming nicely. The onions need to be thinned, but they are so cute all lined up in a row. The cucumbers (far fewer than I planted last year) are starting to bloom and the spaghetti squash is starting to take over (note to self to get some sort of trellis built this weekend). I looked for any ripe cherries missed by the birds. But then I went back to the cilantro. I love the cilantro.


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your questions are in the comments section of my last post.

Hmmm I don't know what a cilantro is! Need to google, lovely photos though..what's a sky seat? I'm so dense...