chloe dao

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I got this cute new sleeve for my laptop a few weeks back. I have been carrying around the tag in my purse since then to remind me to show all of you how cool it is. It was designed by Chloe Dao (who was the Season Two winner of Project Runway). See her cool site here. She's also got a boutique in Houston!
I got my bag at Office Max, but you can also get it here. Now when I travel, I don't have to take my computer all out of its bag, etc. I can just unzip this sleeve and put it thru the xray! Hooray!


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Great! I need something like that!

i've got a similar one--makes it so much easier at security! mine's a crumpler, tho'. :-)

mmmm i like that. i just bought a new sleeve, its hot pink but doesnt have convenient snazzy handles like urs! bummshky i just bought one...

Thank you for the positive review on the Chloe Dao for Dao sleeve. Be on the lookout this Holiday for the Travel Bag Collection from Chloe at