Blue Q

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do you know about Blue Q? If not, you simply must go there!

I bought the above tote bag today, and upon looking at their site, I decided I am in love. I have seen a few of these things around, but had no idea they were all from the same funny place!

If you need a little funny-funny-ha-ha, take a look! Below are some of my favorites!

I know Leslie would have a use for this!

SGM knows of a person who could use this!

And...especially for you, Elaine!


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i need to get the holy bibel for several of my co-workers you continually write, 'your a rockstar!' to me. it seriously makes me cringe.

Thank you my love! Thank you!

I love Blue Q. My boss bought me the "shut the hell up" gum :) how nice...