Sunday Dinners

Thursday, August 28, 2008

We are so lucky.

Most Sunday evenings in the summer time we get together with 2 other families (with a total of 8 kids) and have dinner. We don't have a set time, menu, or agenda. We cook and/or bring whatever we have around. We try out new recipes and drinks on each other. Sometimes we have to come and go to get kids to and from practices and friends, whateves.

I have always wanted to take photos at our Sunday Dinners, but always forget my camera...until last Sunday. So, here you are, dinner Sunday at the White's house!

Flowers for the hostess from our garden.

Do you ever make this? Cucumbers and onions? Mine are English cukes from our garden and plain (and strong) white onions from my FIL's garden. Slice and mix with 1C real Mayo, 1T sugar and vinegar. Let soak in fridge. As you eat out of the bowl, keep adding more cukes, onions and vinegar. Mmmm.

This is the flavor of summer in our house, so we needed to share with our friends.

Look at that spread!

Fresh Colorado peaches halved and pitted. Sprinkle with brown sugar and pats of butter and (this time) Grand Mariner. Place peaches directly on a low grill and cook until soft and warm. Serve with vanilla ice cream or bourbon whipped cream. mmmmm.

Mr. White and Mr. England enjoying dessert. What a beautiful night it was!

What you don't see is the girls, enjoying their Lillet and club soda with a lemon and

fresh mint from the garden!


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Oh my GOSH, this all looks amazing... the cucumber dip, the dessert, the drinks... EVERYthing.

How fun to have such a sweet family tradition!

Also, the "ladies" drink sounds so good right now!

this is so much more nicer than your bladder picture :) thank you. What a wonderful summer and friends you have.

Yummy. I'm so sad to see summer go.

Hope you are feeling better.