Blast from the past #2

Friday, August 1, 2008

You might remember that my 20th HS reunion is coming up next summer. Maybe you remember I had lunch the other week with one of the hotties from back in the day. Well, this week was lunch #2...this time with an old flame.

No, this isn't RY, but could have been in 6th grade. (It is really this kid)

RY and I have been friends since like 6th grade when he moved from Minnesota and he was into "goosing." Remember that? When someone grabbed your butt from behind? Well, he brought that wonderful thing from his state to our little town when he moved here. I remember it as annoying, exciting, dreadful and wonderful all at the same time. If you got goosed, I guess he liked you enough to want to grab your ass. On the other hand, it was annoying and embarrassing as we WERE in 6th grade. But I digress...

So, RY and I didn't date in HS (that's a whole other story), but we were always each other's date to parties in college when needed. I often had a boyfriend, but "between opportunities" I always hung out with him. We always had a great time. Lots of alcohol was usually consumed and kissing usually ensued. After some time of this, we kind of "hung out." We didn't really date but we did sleep together a few times.

RY was the one I always thought would be the best kind of boyfriend...the kind I could change. He was never really into boyfriend-like things, including flowers, candle-lit dinners, and formals. I thought I could change that. Since we were not really dating, I could grill him about these things pretty easily. I asked questions like "What did you get femaleX for her birthday last year?" (He always responded "Nothing.") Or "When you dated MM, did you get her flowers for things like anniversaries?" (His response: "No.") I quickly learned he wasn't the kind of person I thought I needed as a boyfriend/husband.

As we got older and graduated from college, we kept in touch. I was pleasantly surprised to get an invitation to his wedding. We started exchanging Holiday cards. When I was in his town, we would get together for lunch. When he was home visiting his parents, he'd call and we'd catch up. We email fairly regularly.

So, as I was getting the list of names together that I could contact for our reunion, of course I said I knew his email. Once again, he said he would be in he would be in town, and my emailing got the best of me. We made a lunch date. He picked my up in his mother-in-law's car, and we had Italian. Wonderful conversation ensued, with talk of economy here vs. Denver, new positions at our jobs, family, kids and travel.

I had a great time and remembered all of the things I loved about him all this time. We decided that we would be each other's "back-up." Just in case (God-forbid) something ever happened to our respective spouses.

This reunion thing is fun!


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ha! Love the hair...

I have a friend from 8th grade like that.