Saturday, May 31, 2008

Since I know how much most of you love Rachel Ray (natch) I thought I post a delightful little photo of her.

1. WTF is she wearing?

2. She's the spokesperson for Dunkin Donuts? I will forever boycott them, which will be hard because I do love me some of their bagels and cream cheese in the morning when I am traveling.

3. Read about Michelle Malkin's theory of RR-as-terrorist here.

Thanks, Crazed Mom of 3 for the tip!


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Not me.... I'm NO Rachel, ALL of the time. She should stop shrieking already! Enough.

Yasser Arafat called; he wants his do-rag back.

Oh, shit! I was kidding! Way to get your knickers in a twist over nothing, Malkin.