toilet paper

Monday, May 19, 2008

So, tonight, I was going through my regular evening ritual, (you know: take contacts out, wash face, brush teeth, and go to the bathroom) and of course the toilet paper roll had 2 squares left. I mean, come on, who leaves 2 measley squares on the TP roll?

  • my 6 year old daughter? Possibly, but I am pretty sure she didn't use "my" bathroom tonight.

  • my almost-eight year old son? This is a better possibility since we have him taking Miralax due to a severely "backed up intestine" (as said by the doctor). He announced when I picked him up after work today that he has pooped 8 timed today. Poor kid. However, he always uses the "kids" bathroom when he goes to the bathroom, so I am pretty sure it wasn't him either

  • my husband? Since he only uses toilet paper once per day when he goes "2" and he has been banished to "his" (the small 1/2 bath that no one but him uses) bathroom, I don't think it was him either.

So, as I was walking around in my tank top and underwear (with all of the windows and doors open because it is so effing hot in my house today) cursing under my breath while going across the house to the supply closet, I came to this conclusion:

IT WAS ME. Crap! That sucks!


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GOD! I hate when that happens. And it does happen to me quite a bit. :)

HA! This cracked me up... I am awful with the toilet paper. My college roommate still makes fun of me for always remembering to grab a new roll, but never putting it on the actual dispenser thingy. Ever since I got married, it has gotten worse! (OOps.) At least they each have someone who knows how the other feels!